Step Into The Looking Glass - This is Only a Test 600 - 5/21/21

Joylandi 21-May, 2021
Duocast this week as Kishore and Norm recap the news from Google I/O, dissect the Project Starline telepresence booth, get hyped for a new Batman animated show, and sing the praises of the VR game Demeo. Plus, more impressions of the Framework modular laptop and what an electric F-150 pickup means for the EV market.

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  • Thank you so much for the shout-out! It's awesome to hear that you enjoy the game. 😄

  • Haha I thought Norm was going to talk about the Looking Glass Kickstarter from the title (that started delivering their product). Nice podcast episode!

  • Norm - This is seems to be the only way to leave a message for you. I noticed that you've started a Star Trek Enterprise build. and you asked for suggesiions as to what viewers wanted to hear about during those builds. May I suggest that you discuss what is supposed to be on each 'deck' or level of the star ship. There have been hints in the shows but nothing much more than hints. I was surprised to find out/learn that the Captain's Quarters was on the same level as the bridge. Previously I had presumed that the Upper Officer's were on Deck/Level 2. What capacity were the escape pods? Did the Star Trek universe acknowledge work shifts; as in did every Starfleet craft actually have two or three sets of upper and lower crew?

  • 27:59 I'm literally listening to your podcast while playing around with my 11" Cobra Battle Android Trooper, by Super7. Picked it up today and i was messing around with my 30 vintage 1986 B.A.T's and trying to do some kind of photoshoot with the 11" Super Cyborg standing between them.

  • 17:10 I agree, i really liked the Cybertruck look, but the conventional shape of the Ford trucks, with the frunk included, probably will become the next hot thing on the market. Who knows, Ford might actually revolutionize the car industry again, and you'd almost forget the launch of the new Bronco, i think 2022 will be a fantastic year for Ford.

    • I dont think Fix Or Repair Daily will last long while opposing right to repair efforts.

  • Will is such a unwelcoming guest oon the podcast, please do duel cast instead of inviting him ever again

  • Re: Android 12 I meant Power button hit brings up assistant!

  • I've heard how they use Atmos to mix music and it is awesome.

    • Dolby Atmos had meant a specific array of speakers that give off better 3D sound placement. I think what was talked about was how it is listed as a selling point on TVs instead of actually showing a noticeable improvement in sound. I sell home theater equipment and true atmos usually involves at least 2 upward firing channels that reverberate off a ceiling, 2 stereo channels, and a bass/subwoofer channel. However TVs with simple 4 watt stereo speakers still get Atmos certified in a less concrete way.

  • 🥱

  • actors on the ISS = publicity They'll market this as bluntly as any other Cruise stunt.

  • Depends on this

  • Tom Cruise just wants to go to the mothership

  • Why did kishore have to ruin this show with his hat? GO OILERS GO!!!

    • Are you willing to revise this after tonight's game? Just kidding around - I feel like this is going to still be a long series.

  • Watch full video at 1:23:03

  • POV: you haven't finished the video

  • Sup gamers