Hot Toys 1/4 Scale Spider-Man Review and Diorama Build!

Joylandi 27-May, 2021
Norm reviews the new quarter-scale Spider-Man figure from Hot Toys, based on the costume design as seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Here's what quarter-scale allows for in terms of character sculpt, costume cut and sew, and posability. Plus, Norm builds a custom diorama to photograph and display this figure, inspired by one of the movie posters for the film!

Hot Toys Spider-Man Special Edition:
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Inventables two-color acylic sheet:
Disclosure: This product was provided by the manufacturer for purposes of review.

Shot and edited by Norman Chan

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  • Hot Toys Spider-Man Special Edition: Inventables two-color acylic sheet: Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks:

    • Hi Adam Spiderman fan are you? forgot your friends name

  • I love that they used the "frog in mouth" facial expression for the figure

  • more like 1\6

  • Looks amazing! The sign is in need of weathering tho.

  • Awesome video!😎

  • I Love the spider gwen version the build

  • Huh, Tom Holland is 5' 4"

  • The scale of the street sign seems a bit on the small side.

  • Amazing

  • The typeface on the Bklyn sign is close...but

  • The sign you made I love it 😍😍 I'd happily buy one from you if you would be willing to make one for me? 😁

  • Such an authentic Tom Holland face that I can almost hear him leaking Spiderman No Way Home spoilers.

  • The head sculpt is amazing.

  • This is amazing. Totally want to get one of these.

  • It looks a great puppet and really life like , Im wondering if a clear perspex stand would be better than the black or maybe mounted of the Goblins craft.

  • Adam only hires people who gets a semi-chub from collectibles. As he should

  • Does the head look weird to anybody else? Looks like its floating

  • If you’re an adult who’s into this shit please seek help

  • the Tom Holland face sculpt is a bit uncanny valley

  • eeeek.. that un-masked head is off scale a bit. Maybe it's the camera? I don't know but it looks too large for the body.

  • if you get 4 of these figuers an stack ontop of each other will you get a 1 full sized tom holland ?

  • What a sick Diorama! Now I gottaa get a laser cutter lol

  • I think this diorama would actually work better with the sixth-scale figure. If you look at the original inspiration image, the sign is about the same height as Peter Parker is, if not slightly taller. I love the way the diorama turned out.

    • Something else to consider is that the scale of the actual sign is considerably larger.

  • Hi everybody

  • It's like Barbie dolls for boys.

  • Truely stunning. Ive only recently appreciated the quality of this kind of figure as i brought myself a deluxe figure which has fabric and leather. It is astonishing how posable and realistic they are.

  • Imagine wanting to look at Tom Hollands stupid fucking face.

  • Pass on a figure of Tom Holland in a Spider-man suit... I prefer comic book peter parker over this movie crap. Never spend a dime on movie crap..only vintage style and look... OG only.

  • I've got a couple of Hot Toys figures, but even handling them kind of stresses me out. They're lovely, but i'm in constant fear I'm going to mess something up.

  • Well that's kinda creepy...

  • The unmasked head looks freakish on that body. The proportions are all wrong. Otherwise, awesome.

    • @Strand If you think that looks normal, you need to get your eyes tested. Grab a set of calipers and compare the masked head size with the unmasked head. And no, I don't mean the hair area... If that head/body proportion existed on an actual human it'd be in a circus somewhere...

    • It's accurate. Watch the movie. The mask flattens his hair. You seriously think this company with this level of design detail will just slip up on the scale? It's not spinal tap. Don't be stupid.

  • Lol Norm.. here we go again 1-2% ?? too big... yeah and your glasses give you superhuman estimation I guess. Please, if you feel it = that is ok. In order to make sense you do not have to make up sentences on fly, which are incorrect and actually make you feel for the audience quite stupid. Best of luck with toys collecting.

  • Norm, please unlock your Apple Watch! You’re killing me! 🤣

  • Sees the Price, mr stark I don’t…. Wait that’s actually not a bad price.

  • LOL, nice dolls ... Got any babies?

  • That. Is. GORGEOUS.

  • $560 for a spiderman... Hey, at least Tested won't become a toy review channel any time soon 🤣

  • That's quarter scale? Is Spider-Man only like 4 feet tall? Lol

    • I thought it sounded small myself. Norm says at approx 2:10 that he's 16" tall, which would be 5'4", but 17" would make him 5'8" which sounds more correct. Either way, this model looks incredible - if a little pricey for my level of interest.

    • 1/4 scale means 3 inches (7.6 cm) pr. foot. With Tom Holland being 5ft8 (173 cm) that would be 17 inches (43.25 cm) for the figure -- it says 43.5 cm (17.1 inches) on the product page.

  • I thought that was a real person for a fraction of a second 😂

    • I know.. He tries to look and talk like a real Person but it is still Classic Robo-Norm

  • Wow

  • hi

  • Nooooooo