Ask Adam Savage: The Day I Saw Unparalleled Joy on Jamie's Face

Joylandi 1-Iyn, 2021
Tested member Mark Blair asks, "How do you think young Adam would react if you could go back and tell him all the things you’d get to do on Mythbusters?" Here's Adam's answer, which includes a story we hadn't heard before! Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like asking Adam a question:

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  • Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like asking Adam a question:

    • Mythbusters LIVE: VR.

    • @fshorner. studio Can you imagine all that design and preparation? I doubt the investment would pay off even in case of permanent theme park :(

    • "Supervised Mayhem:The Mythbusters Experience" could be an awesome event like a one time expo or something similar, people would get to try out all the cool stuff in a secure and safe way.

    • talking about junked cars and ridiculous builds, I'm shocked your not a Roadkill fan.

    • Mythbusters theme park. With all that myths that have being tested as working exhibits. Both educational and entertaining. Scary AF! The greatest fun ever! Too bad it won't happen in this universe.

  • Hello Adam Just need to say you and Jamie Heidemann Are really the Baddest Duds in the world I have Learned so much from you You guys are masters Try tradesmen and fabricators you need to make a school So your talents are no lost Thank you for so much god bless you

  • Adam, get you and a few friends some sim racing wheels and get and teach them those things virtually! It's the best thing out there in regards to soft-body vehicle dynamics and destruction, with only a fraction of the cost. (plus you cant get hurt)

  • Adam every time you post a video you get another spike on the graph. We are still fans and watch you run a lath in your shop with as much enthusiasm as watching you blow up a cement truck. Still learning from/with you as well.

  • Oooohhhhhhh Adam's Demolition Derby !!!! That would be *ahem*savage!!!!!!! Where do I sign ??? Lol for all you do , thank you ! Stay safe stay strong stay kind! Slainte!

  • "Yea it's true" - A.W.S. This is now one of my favorite Savage quotes. 😄

  • That thumbnail is unrivaled

  • You are my childhood idol :) mythbusters adam savage was and will be the peak of tv for me. Thanks for 275hours of perfect show.

  • Tested brings me unparalleled joy!

  • Scrolling through the comments have made me realize how many have forgotten Jamies nickname: The Walrus

  • "Supervised Mayhem" sounds like the perfect name for your next show!

  • Supervised Mayhem... best idea ever.

  • I was guessing it would be getting to polish a turd to a shine.

  • Thanks Adam for all your great content you show me that even in the darkest of times there is hope.

  • HAHAHAHAA..."We don't need no stinkin' PERMITS !" Now, go get the cars and the friends, and have a good weekend...some day !

  • Jamie has no plan in life. He just takes on jobs. Sometimes that turns out to be a blast.

  • I love the look of admiration on your face at 4:38, the respect and admiration between the two of you has always been evident and IMHO a large part of what made the show such a success. Watching this video you remind me of a modern day Jack Hargreaves [A much loved old British TV personality, who did an entire series from his 'garden shed' (wooden man-cave in the yard in US terms)]

  • You, know that’d make a great show-ordinary myth buster. Bring in regular people to bust crazy myths. Give those experiences to people. I’d watch the hell out of that. Insurance people will gnash their teeth. It’s great all around!

  • Bring some of your patreons along to do some of the stuff you want to do.

  • I dont believe you can quantify the value of experiences that show afforded you... nor the rippling effect it had on a generation that lived clandestinely with you on the other side of the screen.

  • "Again on Tested: Reminiscing about MythBusters a decade after it went off the air, instead of doing anything new!" Guess I'll just click that ol' button that says "stop recommending channel".

  • Adam if your really serious about teaching friends and family driving techniques please please contact cleetus McFarland

  • 01:40... don't forget to add, "MythBusters experiment results have even been used in criminal court as evidence something could or could not have happened"... your methods were so scientific that the results have been used as evidence - to defend or convict people in court.

  • @3:10 the "maybe there's a" is just perfect tryn to find words to describe the most unique set of careers trained for

  • "Unparalleled joy" is defined as Jamie being able to crash his car into you? Dude, you need some perspective! :D

  • Would you ever do you collaboration with Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning? They do a lot of their own "mythical" myth busting. Maybe when guest hosts are a thing again you guys could make a video together.

  • Imagine being 5+ years clear of your last job and your former co-worker still talks about you publicly. If this were any other industry, it would be frowned upon.

  • Get Mythbusters rights picked up by Disney, then you can create: Mythbusters - The Experience at Epcot!

  • The only memories I tend to hang on too are the ones I achieved through challenge and hard work.

  • Unparalleled joy? Probably when the series ended. I always had the feeling that Jamie didn’t like you or the series

  • The squealing cork latterly blind because armadillo finally buzz but a ten lift. typical, public james

  • Can I be your friend? I'd like to go smash up some cars.

  • I read the title and immediately thought - that's not possible.

  • That intro proves exactly how massive of a nerd you are…and I love it.

  • Lol

  • Don't sell yourself short. Just because the impact you're making today isn't as measurable as the number of hours you spent on air during mythbusters doesn't make this time any less valued. Every video grows the fanbase and lore of mythbusters, every day you spend sharing your experiences further concretes your impact on all of our lives.

  • "The Hellboy gun is currently on my bedside table" - that's going to give a burglar a hell of a fright...

  • Netflix : Adam Savage presents - a series about movie props and effects and how they were made.... I would Watch the HELL out of that....

  • Adam I cannot stress how helpful your simple advice of: “ask you brain where something is when deciding where to store it” has been to me

  • I wonder if he regrets doing mythbusters for the fact that it was so cool and not much else can compare to the experiences he had on the show

  • MythBusters, top gear and Southpark got me watching sbs in Australia back when I nearly quit TV.

  • I love these talks you have with us. I miss seeing you guys create controlled mayhem. Not just the mayhem but the education taught along with it. There was only one Mythbusters and no one will ever do what you all did. Thank you.

  • I remember wearing the " I do my own stunts " shirt because i thought it was epic a mythbusters member had one

  • You gotta worry about permits, clean up, ...oh yeah and safety lol.

  • Hey Adam, if you decide to do the tactical driving. Can I come?

  • Come to the south bud. You're describing a demolition derby. We have them all the time here.

  • Supervised mayhem, or the painfully experienced acquisition of knowledge. You know the way school should be for the rest of us. Boy if there weren't any lawyers learning and teaching would be so much fun!

  • Watching Mythbusters is our vicarious experience doing the very things you're talking about. That's how you share it. Your joy in doing those things is transferred to us by the terrific work of the people who supported the production process.

  • that's the name of your next show "Supervised Mayhem"

  • I feel like Mythbusters and Bill Nye the Science Guy did more for education than years of public school

  • Mythbusters was the reason why I got into science in the first place, and now I'm studying physics in college

  • If you made a marker space in San Francisco, and called it "Supervised Mayhem" you would get a lot of people joining

  • "This too shall pass"

  • 10 year old Jamie lol. I never thought of him as a kid

  • Price out the supervised mayhem and set a goal. Maybe with mayhem levels. I would probably pay something to watch that, especially if I could get my name on one of the cars.

    • Getting 20% of subscribers to put in $1 nets you over a million

  • "At some point in the future, this will have happened, and I'll still be alive" honestly, I never expected quite such a Stoic expression from AS. Bravo.

  • Cleetus McFarland, a popular automotive youtuber, has recently purchased an abandoned racetrack in florida. its open now, and he has done several events there which include racing over 20 crown victoria police interceptors and what his fanbase considers the unofficial largest burnout pad in north america, where he hosts burnout rivals, based off of what the australians do. he's had a lot of professional racers race on that track already. and with the absolute chaos that happens during some of these races, i would enjoy seeing adam savage race at the freedom factory some day. and cleetus would totally support chaos and destruction at his race track

  • I know you probably get this all the time, BUT, between you, Jamie and the rest of the crew, you all have inspired me to dabble in a vast amount of interests over the course of my adult life. From fabrication to paint, to rc cars, to LEGOs, to just wanting to ASK questions about things I don't know about. Even now, with the crew going off to do other things, I still seek out the videos and shows of those perspectives. I find I'm still learning and that's a good. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🤟

  • You should connect with Cleetus Mcfarland I'm sure he could help you out and i know he has some crownvics to spare. And I bet he would love to work with you.

  • Get in touch with Cleatus McFarland about tactical driving. He has fleet of cars his own race track and would probably love to do a collaboration.

  • Adam looks like the Lorax in the thumbnail pic. Lol.

  • How can i get a work space as nice as yours?

  • What episode was that car and wheel destroyer? I don't remember ever watching it

  • You guys really should be doing *something*. Prove flat earthers wrong through easily understandable experiments, prove moon landings, 5G service limitations..

    • Flat earth and moon landing were both done on Mythbusters. Well, the moon landing was. I THINk flat earth was, too.

  • The joy you find in life is truly inspiring.

  • Adam savage needs to visit the freedom factory hahahaha “heck yeah brother!”

  • "Spend a day with Adam a couple of cars and some supervised mayhem" sounds like an amazing prize for Tested members. Pick a handful of members every year at random and find a way to make it happen!

  • I had a dream once where you were on TV as Captain Kangaroo, and Jamie was a very taciturn Mr Greenjeans. I'll never eat day-old MuShu Pork again -- at least not before bed. (-;

  • you lived a great life, congrats

  • It might not be too expensive if it's turned into a UZfire video...

  • You're a damn fine story teller. I could listen to you all day.

  • "You'll learn how to tactically drive backwards in high heels." The Ginger Rogers

  • What would 10 yo Adam (who, say, had just seen Star Wars ;-)) have said if someone (from the future, natch) had told him that he'd one day work at ILM on the prequels to this amazing movie he'd just seen? ;-)

  • Supervised mayhem sounds like a great sequel to the mad max scenario with Simone

  • Adam, you and your friends should all chip in and enter a car in the 24 Hours of Lemons. Racing $500 shitboxes for 24 hours with a bunch of other maniacs on a closed course.

  • Doing Mythbusters would be THE dream job!

  • When can I buy your next memoir?

  • Question, are you a bit ADHD? You are all over the place like myself and my Daughter :)

  • Hi. Thank you for sharing your Mythbusters experiences! Im big fan of mythbusters and dont know how many times I watched every single episode! Greetings from Finland.

  • The world needs more Adam

  • Now you made me miss Jamie af

  • Will I be able to recognize you at Fanx in Salt Lake in September this year? I've actually watched you off and on when you were on myth busters. Need to do a part 2 of answering questions off of UZfire

  • Adam,can I be your new best friend lol Just want to tell you that at 58 yrs old Mythbusters is my favorite all time TV show!!!! Thanks for the laughs,the education, the entertainment, thank you!!!

  • New reality tv show idea: Mythbusters Challenge. Hosted by Adam Savage. He teaches contestants how to do some of the stunts he did on the mythbusters show and goes over the deeper science of how it all worked.

  • I feel like there is a theme park idea in here.... Supervised Mayhem Park...

  • Adam, I strongly disagree that Mythbusters is dead. The name may be copyrighted but curiosity still prevails, I think post covid is exactly the time to introduce another "truth finding" series. The nation is bursting at the seams with misinformation, the people are ready for some sort of truth.

  • Mythbusters was a fantastic cacophony of ridiculousness.

  • Someone needs to make a montage of all the times Jamie actually shows emotion.

  • You know what you need to do, my hero Adam, Do it!

  • I am hope that I reach a point in my life, like Adam has here, where when someone asks me that question, I can say "I tell them joyously of all the shenanigans that I survived" with a smile on my face.

  • Make Celebrity Demolition Derby! Collect all of the cars MTV ruined with “pimp my ride” and smash them up. Who wouldn’t watch them trying to destroy each other for our amusement?

  • Are... Are you sure that it wasn't Jamie having unparalleled joy at the thought of murdering you, Adam?

  • Jamie kinda scares me. Just... How easily he could become a evil genius. I'm not sure he hasn't already crossed that line..

  • There is something so awesome about watching someone that I grew up watching.. someone who helped to teach me the scientific method and encouraged me constantly through the tv to keep exploring my world... theres just something so awesome about watching you remember those same years that I hold so fondly and seeing the joy it evokes In you as well

  • Still, on your bucket list: Smash two trains together.

  • I spy with my little eye something beginning with Adam buying a new surface plate !!!!

  • Since i'am out of the TV schedule thing, and not planing to return, Mythbusters is sadly not accessible in my region, at least not by legal means. Next to no localized episodes were ever released on physical media, and streaming is unavilable due to licensing reasons. Even on TV it is not scheduled properly. It switches channels multiple times a year and the day and time constantly shifting around, and the episodes are totally random.

  • Supervised Mayhem could be Adam’s next show. Mythbusters meets a grown up version of Wild N’ Crazy Kids from the 90’s

  • I love listening to Adam. This world could use a few more of him. Honest charmful and intellegent.

  • I would pay all of my grocery money to get some stunt driving training and demo derby from you Adam