Adam Savage's Live Builds: Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Kit (Part 8)

Joylandi 23-May, 2021
Adam makes more progress on his 1/8 scale Ghostbusters Ecto-1 model kit build, including the addition of the dashboard lower panel, brake pedal switch, fuel tube and the battery box ... which is actually PART of the gas tank, a flourish Adam "really digs." For those of you with the kit, Adam is building stages 35 to 37. (Note: This was filmed as part of Adam's livestream build and Q\u0026A on March 30 2021.)

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Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Kit (US):
Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Kit (UK):

Shot by Norman Chan

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  • Miss an episode? Here are the other parts so far: Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Kit (Part 1):​ Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Kit (Part 2):​ Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Kit (Part 3):​ Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Kit (Part 4):​ Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Kit (Part 5):​ Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Kit (Part 6): Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Kit (Part 7): Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Kit (Part 8): Adam Paints and Weathers His Ecto-1 Kit:​

    • Hi Adam, seems like the Ecto car taking a while bet it is going to look cool

  • Adam - if you read this, please answer. I'm a74 retired trucker, living in a rest home, and bored to tears! I see this Caddy model you're building, and it has piqued my interest. What better way for me to spend part of my stimulus? Yes, I WANT! It's give me something to do. I'll have trouble keeping all the screws separated, but that's OK. Gimme something else to do. I used to assemble model cars and stuff, so that'll be fun. Where can I get one?

  • replaced a U-joint on my 93 chevy a few years back. It was easier than replacing the alternator

  • To any Australians watching this video who want to do this kit go to the Eaglemoss Australian website and register your interest in the kit. Last year I emailed them and they said they had no plans to release it in Australia. Now they are testing the interest levels, so sign up and share if you want an Australian release.

  • Aww the batteries in the gas tank is so cute!

  • Makes sense that they would put the batteries in the gas tank being that it is the batteries that allows it to run just as gas in a car allows the car to run, 😉

  • I honestly can say that a friend of mine bought his first Cadillac in 1976 (running) for far less than this model car costs...

  • Batteries are still not even close to the energy density of petrochemistry... they need to triple or quadruple in capacity, but they will at some point I'm sure.

  • i have the james bond one so yeah i know it is heavy

  • I would like to thank Adam and the 'Tested' Team for these awesome videos. I began watching a few years ago and thank you so much for inspiring me to begin model making and making in general again after a more than 25 year hiatus. Has truly enriched my life. Cheers to you all!

  • I love your channel. Your enthusiasm is just infectious!

  • Adam check out BAN DAI 1/12 model kits. They have stars figures I just picked up the Boba Fett model. Looks awesome, you need to put it together and paint them.

  • Hey Adam, please build one of these!! A 1940s Spacesuit from Britain!!

  • Hey adam Its great watching your channel and these videos actually got me into ordering the Ecto-1. The more i watch these vids the more i want to put it together. I was waiting for all the pieces to come in but since i am about at step 60 or so half way there i need the room. I notice you mention the proton packs in the video and was wondering which subscription level you have. I received the proton pack kit about 3-4 monthes into the premium or highest subscription. It is the stretcher with 4 proton packs. I was hoping you had gotten them and did a video for a paint job in them since they came blank.

  • Sorry for intruding, have you seen they made a physical mock-up of a really old Canadian space suit design, looks like a suit of armor with a air lock in the chest!!! Tom Scott has a video on it!

  • Hi everybody

  • I'm good we can keep the lock down going.

  • Adam has a hairstyle again. Cool, cool.

  • That energy story is for the US price maybe not for a big part of the world do;)

  • Long time fan. Looking forward to seeing you at FanX Salt Lake

  • My friends made a drinking game where you have to drink every time he says “me”, “my” or “I”. And drink twice when he name drops a movie or celebrity he worked for. I got super drunk from this one and the last one.

  • I wonder if Adams shop is earth quake safe , looks like a death trap with all that stuff hanging from the ceiling and walls and all that heavy machinery . And living in San Francisco 🤔

  • After watching the video about the electrictric skateboard, and then watching this video, it's obvious... Ecto 1 electric skateboard Just gotta figure out the foot placement while maintaining the aesthetic.

  • Love you buddy! "normal" is around the corner :)

  • I’ve learned with pollen I stay in I might go out in the evenings or late after noon. Last thing I need to do is catch the crud. [sinus drainage] plus you feel like crap. Sound like a horse terminator my sinuses would be terminated. My brother has been living off of musinex syrups night/day stuff. No thanks. I have to take zyrtec’s 24/ hour is a nuff for me.

  • If I were rich the one vehicle I would absolutely need to own would be the ghost busters car.

  • If theirs not I’m sure you could make one ☝️ Adam speaking of which are going to dress up with a replica pack. ? The new ghostbusters movie is now slated for November release date. The preview I can honestly say better than three it was good but not great as two went a different route on three hey it was their choice so I’ll count this one as three for me.

  • I have been watching you build the ecto 1 .Have been looking to do something with my son .so I am ordering the ww2 JEEP he picked it. I get the next pick.

  • i don't like hot days because when my pc is on my room gets extremely hot it would be 60 degrees outside and my room would be like 80 degrees it's insane so i have to open the windows which i don't like to do not only because i hate the sound of cars driving by but also because bugs somehow find ways to get through the mesh filter thing on the window it's so annoying

    • "mesh filter thing" is called a Fly-screen!. 60 Fahrenheit is 15 degrees celsius (not what I would call HOT). 80 degrees is only 26 Celsius - quite comfortable actually

  • Energy density of gasoline is probably always going to beat batteries, but there's also effective energy density where we may one day beat it. 65% of gasoline energy is wasted to heat alone. Only 18-23% is currently wasted from the battery for EVs (of course, production will have its own waste factor, depending on your local grid's electrical sources, but energy density is about how much you get out of what you're carrying in the vehicle). That already drops gasoline from roughly 100x to roughly 43x the effective energy density of batteries. You can also get some energy back during braking in some models as well (I don't really have a number for how much that will recover on average, but it further enhances the effective energy density). Of course, the main benefits are lower emissions of harmful exhaust gases, and the fact that electricity is easier to come by than gasoline. A huge infrastructure exists for supporting gasoline vehicles, but it's far cheaper to create a new charging station for an electric powered car than a new pumping station for a gas powered car, and keeping a gas station supplied is far more expensive (and dangerous) with pipelines and tankers than just hooking up to the local electrical grid or setting up a solar panel. That said, I doubt we'll see gas go away that quickly, there's far too much private citizen investment in gas engines and it's frankly not the major factor in emissions. If manufacturing emissions isn't curtailed, then the rest of this (literally everything we are being told to do in our day to day lives) is meaningless. It's like fixing a leaky faucet while letting the bathtub run constantly.

  • Why hasn't the ambulance been given a bespoke car lift? 😃

  • You are quite right Adam - everyone makes mistakes..... do it twice, you're an idiot - do it three're sublime 🍸😋

  • Matrix was one of those films where I watched and thought ‘yeah that was alright’ but it remains in my mind where I couldn’t get it out of my head, week later I’m watching it again and thinking this is a good film, another week and I watch it again and I’m thinking this is an awesome film. I’ve now probably watched it 30 times and I keep finding myself thinking about it. It’s a seminal film in so many ways, but it’s from a period of film making that produced some of the best films ever seen. Thank godI was alive and of the right age to appreciate it and it effect my life in so many ways that were both delicate and profound. When I’m asked to list my favourite films the vast majority come from this period in time.

  • Hi Adam I have just started on my eco 1 so hope to finish it when it’s done & we are looking forward to be going on holiday to East Sussex in September 17th to Romney Sands holiday resort park this & visiting Chatham dock yard how are you getting on with it. Tony Exeter DEVON IN the UK

  • Are they STILL locked down in San Francisco? Good lord.

  • It would be great if De Agostini et al put mistakes in the build manual like Meccano did just to mess with you.

  • Is Adam doing any of the mods? You can get a mains power mod to save on batteries and also the carpet.

  • Pressure and force he is applying to the screwdriver for those tiny screws is giving me goosebumps :D

  • back in the 1800's when electric cars were first big a small company made a battery that lasted longer and had more power than any other battery available at the time. they were bought out by a big battery company and the battery shelved because they didn't want to lose sales.

  • You should check out mikes mods he has some cool stuff for this and other builds

  • Ok so reaching your hand through the door to hit the brake pedal has got to be a pain.... I think Adam needs a scale left leg on a stick.

  • It would be fantastic to convert that to Radio Control😁👍

  • Hey Adam check out The amazing animatronics and RC creations of Danny Nuynh. Both mezmarizing and funny.

  • Nothing beats hydrocarbons. Not until fusion. Everything else will simply irradiate everyone until Gaia is charcoal. TOO.

  • Awww you did your hair for us.

  • We never left "normalcy". I feel for you poor serfs in California. We are all healthy... physically and mentally. Too bad you've been sold the fear porn. 😞

  • Sometimes im drunk, click on a video from this channel ... And I can swear Adam looks like some asian guy, then I look at the channel name, its does say "Adam Savage's Tested" ... So I fugure im too smashed and its time for bed !

  • Adam... Boobie.... Get some G. D. PROGRESSIVE LENSES! Seriously, you won't have to keep dofing and donning your glasses anymore.

  • Have you gotten anything new from robugtics yet?

  • One day build idea. A car ‘rotisserie’ would make it easy for you to safely and quickly flip the model over. It’d be great for angling the model just the way you want it for construction and camera angles. It would also protect sensitive parts of the model from breakage (e.g., possibly the steering wheel and column.)

  • Adam is such a Bay Area guy when he talks about CA weather. CA is a huge State, bigger than some whole countries, and has seasonal temperature ranges between a few degrees below zero Fahrenheit to more than 120 Fahrenheit. But….. sometimes folks in the geographically tiny SF Bay Area forget that the other 99.9 percent of the State exists. 🤣

  • I can’t wait to see this finished!

  • In a year of all sorts of crappy stuff, this channel has been a wonderfully happy place to come to. I have loved all the stuff you have been able to do and share with us while in your cave. Have you made any plans to actually dedicate more time in your cave once everything is back to a more "normal" state of being?

  • Did you guys forget to get to the question section ?

  • I just recently discovered this channel. So far it's been fascinating!

    • Oh wow, you're very lucky! You have ALOT you can binge

  • Hey adam im from thailand im watching your in Discovery channel when i was young love to see you again.

  • Ok, so the Livestream was on 3/30/21...why do you needed 2 months to release it here?

  • 3 on the tree, 4 on the floor, or an auto

  • Hey Adam! Maybe a small Tip/Hack I startest to use (when dealing with many little screws): there are sheets of "magnetic paper" (used for whiteboards f.e., you can cut it to your needed size), Just place a piece on your desk, and nothing will ever magically roll away/dissappear;) love your builds, regards from Germany, David

  • I can’t even begin to tell you how much your videos contribute to my creative process. After I sell diesel parts for 8 hours a day, I flick the lamp on in the art studio (my kitchen), select one of your uploads and get to work. Often I don’t even watch the video. I just listen while I work. Occasionally looking at the screen to give my eyes a rest. You’ve been absolutely essential for my sanity during this past year and I can’t thank you enough. Cheers from Cloverdale British Columbia Canada.

  • Sorry guys had to watch another channel got bored waiting ... so I switched to World of Wayne (out of Corby in the UK)... he had the enterprise build as well... so if anyone is looking he has some really good model building content

  • Ip yup Adam ip too sometimes.. it's ok

  • Some of these type kits do look very cool, this one especially. The one thing that has always stopped me from doing any is the cost of completing one

    • I'm currently building the Enterprise D model that Norm live streamed recently. The way I've justified the cost is by thinking about it as a long term hobby. Every month, I get my parts and I've got a little project for the weekend. What I'm not doing is thinking about the total cost of the finished build. That sort of thing tends to make you less excited about it.

    • If you can budget an extra $50 a month, you can afford to build this. However, keep in mind that it will take two years to complete.

    • True, you could find something similar, cheaper, probably. But hey, for the standard I'm seeing on Adams build, you're also paying for the experience of building such a well honed model kit. It all depends how much you want a rare completed model made with your own hands. 🤔

  • Every time I see Adams shop, I cant help but think about the day he has to move out of there...then I get cold chills lol

    • Its not as bad as you think. He has all the heavy stuff on wheels anyway 😂

  • Would love to see you do a collaboration with scientist Fran Blanche,genius level.we love you Adam

  • Hey Adam I loved myth busters (I’ve watched almost every episode) and I am SOOOO happy you have a channel (if you see this comment do you know how Jamie is THE WALRUS)

  • Adam, can you provide your viewpoints on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)? This topic was made for Mythbusters!

  • What happened to the raptor build? All the vids are gone

  • Always love your videos man! Thanks for making amazing content. Sending so much love your way!

  • It's has been fun to watch

  • "who you gonna call those bastards"

  • Hi

  • First

    • Only immature as fuck for stating shit like that out! 1. Nobody cares, not even your mother! 2. Being #1, 10, 100 or 1000 gives you nothing at all. 3. Did you win anything else but a bigger EGO? 4. Not even a seven year old child finds that shit funny