Adam Savage's New Milling Machine!

Joylandi 7-Iyn, 2021
You've asked about it, and it's time to show you the new milling machine that Adam upgraded to and brought into the cave this year. Adam explains how a mill works, gives an overview to his own journey in machining that got him to this point, and shows off the features of his new Sharp mill. Plus, take a look at what it took to get this machine loaded into the cave and make its way to back of the workshop!

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Norman Chan

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  • I know that everything in this workshop has a place, and its probably so organised. But that place looks like a right shit hole!!! It just looks so messy but i know Adam and i know that everything will have its tidy place!!!

  • Why does this Dude seem so nervous?

  • I think the first distinction between a drill press and a vertical mill is the spindle bearings. Drill press bearings only need to work under thrust. Milling machine spindle bearings experience both thrust and radial forces.

  • Chasing 10ths

  • Only thing I don't like about a Z-axis DRO on a Bridgeport is that due to the R-8 spindle, you can't use the tool offset system. Bridgeport made J-heads with 30-taper spindles, but they're hard to find.

  • Eastern european car is Zaporojetz I would guess xD

  • Are you getting a surface grinder next? Maybe chasing tenths?

  • Bridgeport still makes new mills. They are expensive.

  • Tour of a mill ONE DAY 123 BLOCKS!!!!! You next episode is made.

  • to much rambling, most people here would know the basics of things.

  • great video, for the people that want to learn about mills and lathes, check out Mr Pete222 (your youtube shop teacher) he has great fee content and courses for purchase on Lathe's and Mills.

  • My mill/drill is worn out, my Nichols horizontal mill is worn out, my Karger mill is not worn, but it's light weight and 80-90 years old. I have a Millrite that's not too worn, but since it has a B&S spindle, I've never even powered it up. I'm jealous!!! At least my Kurt II vise is practically brand new.

  • If you could go over that again and explain it as if the people listening knew anything that’d be great.. lol

  • STOP with the moving the camera without warning! I'm going to puke.....

  • Way to much blabbering, just get to the point. Frustrating to listen to you talk.

  • @Adam Savage: Remember to "migrate" your vise left and right on the table to even the wear on the ways as the machine ages. It does make a difference over a few years.

  • Wait till he moves to a CNC. Grins n giggles even for one ups using Mastercam for programming. Cimco for code verification and adjustment. Sooo Glad we don't use manual machines any more.

  • Kurt vise's are amazing. My grandpa worked for Kurt back when old man Kurt was still alive.

  • What are the color inserts on the table for?

  • Now all you have to do is cover the poor thing up when you use the table saw right next to it.

  • That’s how I evaluate whether to spend lots of money on something. Am I going to be happy every time I use it or annoyed or not care.

  • You know you’re well connected when you have a mill moving guy.

  • The metal shop class I teach, that is what we have in our shop. A bit older and a little less equipped but its a nice machine that I enjoy using. Cheers to many piles of chips in its future!

  • My late father bought and sold second-hand machines, including probably hundreds of 1960’s Bridgeports over the years, and this video triggers some happy memories, including a lot of deliveries into workshops even less accessible than Adam’s. I hope some of the machines he sold sparked as much joy as this turret mill.

  • Why not cnc? It's 2021!

  • I have a CNC milling machine, a tiny one. I've broken it plenty. I'd love to have space for a big proper one like this, to be able to take on some serious projects. Oh - and those demerit badges rock. They mark out real maker experience I think - someone who hasn't done these things is either doing really well on vicarious learning or hasn't tried enough themselves. Thanks, Adam!

  • What's with the colors in the holes on the mill bed?

  • i was born in 1991.... adam has been using wood working tools since i've been alive... i havent even touched one T_T also i feel old but that's not new _cough bo burnham insde cough_

  • @nycnc/ Saunders Machine Works Fixture plate! Love John's plates!

  • Oh jeepers, Perfect opportunity to say "Let Me Show You It's Features" at 13:50 ....and Adam chickens out!!

  • Nice machine, what model is it ? some of the Sharp are listed as box ways ? Not come across that before. Wear, wipes tears away. , the auto oiler shoild keep it as good as new for decades. moved my machines a few feet on cut scaffolding poles. Always a pleasure to view. Clough42 just bought a new mill also, there is a run on them.

  • Welcome to nearly 22 minutes of what should have been a 3 minute video.

  • Running a round ram Bridgeport from 1941 converted to newer style head in my shop. That new one must be sweet to use. Congrats.

  • Reminds me of how another youtuber called it clapped out Bridgeport

  • Hey Adam long time fan of myth busters remember the episode with the lady who was hearing morse code with her dental fillings you forgot a variable humans have electromagnetic energy in them you should have added an electric current to the test

  • Finally! I noticed the LMV-49 with all the bells and whistles months ago. I can only imagine the pleasure of running a brand new mill. Very nice machine Adam, glad to see you treating yourself to such a fine piece of brand new machinery, thanks for the little tour.

  • That is one sweet mill ^^

  • Try a proto track, once you do you'll never want to use anything else

  • Everyone else: I bet there isn't a job on this planet I haven't heard of. Adam: I know a guy. He moves mills, that's his job. Everyone else:

  • Please try to make a 2 hand video, like "this old tony"

  • As much of a mess a table saw and a lathe make is nothing compaired to the mess a mill makes.

  • This hard to follow.

  • OMG how high is he in this video?

  • FINALLY!!!!!! This video just made my day!

  • I love when Adam Savage explains tools to me

  • He didnt post links to the mill or add-ons, because he thinks we cant afford it. he is correct.

  • I have no idea what Adams talking about but as usual watching anyone chat about stuff they love with such enthusiam is always fun to watch. Plus now I know a few things about mills which i'l never use! ;)

  • The first few minutes are me trying to explain to my mom why I needed that new game as a kid lol.

  • I’m a machinist and I love the machining videos, underrated

  • Whats up with the glasses why don't he spend money on his self...glareless glasses there a thing. Or we'll lenses anyway.

  • Probably didn't help that Adam used compressed air to clean the mill...big no no

  • Where did you get those plugs for your fixture plate??

  • I'm a machinist and actually for the majority of the work I do, I prefer to do it on my knee mill and I CANNOT even imagine it EVER being that quiet!!! THAT IS INSANE!!

  • Anyone wondering how to find "a guy" to move machines... a "Rigging company" is what you are looking for. Or you will hear them referred to as "riggers".

  • I guess you'll be milling around alot more huh?

  • CNC?

  • I have a different take on this I think It's sad he has to film himself and be isolated from his friends because of living in crazy California.

  • Reality says that this idea would not work. But with you tight quarters in your shop I imagine it would have been so neat if a space ship was hoovering over your building. Lasers being able to cut your roofing materials. Magically lowering your Sharp milling machine in place. Then with a quick motion of their hands being able to repair your roofing structure. I know that is fantasy but you spent a lot of time making science fiction/fantasy props that are in the realm of possibilities!

  • The bottom line. The materials you work with must be precision pieces otherwise they will not do what you designed them for. There are numerous industries that have specialized individuals that all they do is calibrate different types of machines. But to use them your equipment is going to be expensive. But that is just the cost of having precision equipment. I understand the importance of accuracy of all the tools you use to create all the stuffs i create. But thanks for explaining how the machines that you have in your man cave/workshop/mad lab. work. As much as you are a creator you are also an excellent teacher. You and Jamie always made stuff more interesting. I always understand about half of what your experiment for the week was. I do have some electronics background and some woodworking experience and I have taken PC's apart since the early 1980's. Outside of that my knowledge is limited but I am willing to try things because being a homeowner it can get expensive to have others do work on your house.

  • I work for sharp, you should come down and check out our machines in are warehouse 🙏🏽

  • thanks for talking about it

  • 7:32 What ghastly noise. Doesn’t sound right at all.

  • Seeing Adam on the mill makes me miss being a machinist and machine repairsperson. I started when I was 18 and just recently changed careers at 21. I’ve fixed so many split nuts, belts and brakes, removed heads and bearings, and not to forget chasing numbers (:

  • Someone told Adam to change his ways, so he went out and bought a new mill.

  • My Sharp TMV mill thinks yours looks very nice. Happy machining!

  • Most of this is pure waffle!

  • Upgrading a milling machine must be like upgrading camera equipment.

  • Hey Adam, you'll improve your rigidity with the quill fully retracted. Help chase those 0s!

  • Hey Adam, shot in the dark, would you ship your old Bridgeport to me? I know the odds are stacked against me, but hey you never know. Either way, I have been watching you since I was a kid. Thank you for your work.

  • I spend the last two months restoring my 1958 DECKEL FP1 I bought four years ago. It was a tedious, dirty and hard process and every step resulted in two more to do. But it was one of the most wholesome things I've ever done. And it's nice to see to what precision you can get with such an old machine. Greetings from Germany

    • @lopezepol75 I was very lucky. An old guy a few kilometres away retired and closed his car part shop. He only wanted a few euros and someone that gets the machine out of his shop. The hardest part was getting it home. But absolutely worth it.

    • I'm jealous! Being in the US, Deckel and Maho machines are hard to find, but I would love to get one one day. Kinda funny as DMG mori has a facility 5 minutes from my house.

  • I’ve been wanting a little more out of my girlfriend should I just go get a new girlfriend? 🤔🤪

  • Funny. I was watching the piano video and thought, "Damn. Adam has a milling machine?"

  • Well now I want to see Adam build his own internal combustion engine from scratch. It can be a small one... :)

  • I find Adam's utterly scatterbrain setup is so annoying. He reminds me of Roy Underhill in his scatterbrain tooling and mess. I don't think I'm coming back.

  • Missing Old Tony

  • what are those colored things in the setup plate?

  • Bought a very used Bridgeport mill years ago.... ... and have slowly been replacing every part of it... ... exception: The Newall 3 axis DRO it came with I its very important to be able to observe and quantify the effects way-slop and backlash :P :P :P

  • what model is this?

  • Or like a kia to a cadilac lol

  • sounds like me in my basement

  • so a hammer and sandpaper is out I guess....LoL

  • My question is what model is this, I’ve been using an old Bridgeport as well and considered Webb 2vh but if Adam is happy with this I would add it to consideration

  • A milling machine..... hmmmm.... can it make millions of things ??? like... millions of $$$ !!!!

  • Finally!

  • man, I kept on staring at the black dot on your forehead Adam. I am sorry..I was distracted by it the entire time...even going so far as to chase it down XD

  • Wish I had new milling machine money, hell I'd settle for heavily worn milling machine money

  • It isn't just using the mill that can wear it down, crap in the air can too. My first job was at a welding and machining shop, I wasn't hired to weld or machine, I was hired to clean but ended up doing both anyhow. The small machine shop had 2 lathes, 4 mills, in what was once a small 1 or 2 car garage. 3 people usually worked in there and they smoke like chimneys. Plus the coolant turning into mist and dust from metal. We took apart one mill and all that crap in the air had settled on the tracks and just got ground into it.

  • Chasing zeros is silly. A good machinist can work around a worn machine and hit 0.001" any time they want. 0.0001" is really a CNC thing, you might try to hit it by hand but if you want to do that by hand, you should be using a surface grinder, not a mill. I've had the pleasure of working on machines that are absolutely beat, used in schools, the military, production machines that were first worn out, then beat up, then neglected. Incomplete, broken castings repaired by brazing, rusty, you name it. A lot of them made before WWII. They can be hard to deal with but they can get the job done unless you're being abusive. I hope your Bridgeport went to a good home because it has plenty of life left in it.

  • Beautiful mill. A trick I learned in trade school to greatly prolong the life of a hydrodynamic way milling machine (solid scraped ways like dovetails) is to move the vise from one side of the table to to other in one vise width increments regularly. We had some mills that had been in use since WWII in factories and trade schools in the area that were in incredibly good condition for their age because of this practice.

  • Nice mill. That swinging camera made me dump my wheaties though...

  • 2:29 Nice

  • Chasinging Zeros = T-shirt idea!!!

  • Nice mill! I work for a machine tool manufacturer, and work on a lot of lathes and mills installing accessories and scales (including Newall!), and just wanted to say, I think your x axis power feed can be adjusted to be quieter when you hand crank it! On the ones we install at work which look fundamentally the same as yours, we shim them to get the gear mesh more exact and the gear noise almost goes away entirely. It's pretty easy to do if you ever want to play with it, but you'll have to get/make some round shims. Keep it up!

  • This Old Tony? Man i havent seen him pop up in a long time, almost forgot about his channel and that i was subscribed to it.

  • Sharp makes a nice machine. Very accurate. It’s good that you don’t have to bring most of your machines down concrete stairs as I had to do, except for my 14” lathe which ended up in the garage with my welding and powder coating equipment.

  • Why not add CNC? It's pretty affordable these days.

  • Very nice machine, congrats! I’m a machinist 40 years into the trade. Motorized knee? dude, you are livin the good Ife!

  • This is the ways

  • If you weren’t so scattered and showed respect for your audience by editing, your videos could almost be half as good as This Old Tony’s videos...

  • I hope someday you and Tom Lipton will work together on a project of some kind in your shop.