Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Famous Gemstones Collection!

Joylandi 29-May, 2021
Adam's obsession with historically significant gems dates back to his childhood, and he fulfills a lifelong curiosity by assembling this collection of famous diamonds and other gems from around the world (and from fantasy as well). Follow along as Adam goes through the process of figuring out the best way to display and experience this collection, and the resulting custom display box he builds for it.

Find the replica gems at:
Suizan Japanese hand saw: and

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Norman Chan

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  • Suizan Japanese hand saw: and Find the replica gems at:

    • I'll sell it to ya cheap my friend that way you can have a real one for your collection

    • Hey Adam I got a 657.20 ct pink star diamond it's rough you can still cut it my friend I'll sell it too ya I faucet gems but I won't dare touch that one cause one wrong move it's small but you can make it at least over 600 ct cut it's a clear pink with a hint of purple hue but it's pink holla at me it's will kill the Pink star diamond sold the same place the culligan diamond was sold it smash it if you get it cut lol haha but I'm serious my friend you have the diamond of diamond

    • I think a great top would be something like an oak half with the bark or ornated, making it chest-like. adding some tacky grease to the hinges to make them harder to open but smooth might make it more rewarding to open.

    • 1:00:24 - Adam, You do not know me. I am but a whisper in the choir that is your fans. And I do not know the length of your staples. But PLEASE do not keep your hand like that, opposite of your pneumatic power-stapler. This whisper in the myriad of voices loves you. And my Heart skips a beat every time I hear that "CHCK!" sound. Perhaps I am being foolish! And when I see your band-aids, I feel them too. Thank you for being you!!!

    • Have you considered designing & creating your own piece of art for the gems, like a crown? or scepter or other 'object' that would incorporate the gems?

  • That is going to fallllllll

  • Damnit Marie they're minerals!

  • I found one when i was a kid too and i have to say that story was exact same as me lol

  • I feel weird enjoying so much this talking about replica gems which is far from something I am interested in. I am fascinated by Adam being fascinated. It's a magic!

  • when i was a kid. i found a huge shiney piece of glass Golfball size. it was dirty inside like black particles and cracks in it. i had it for years. when i was about 12 my friends mother wanted to se it. (i told my friend about it). next time i took it with me and showed her. she took it up and looked at it thrugh sunlight. then she smiled and sayd. this glass is maby a gem or crystal. what i didnt know was that she was educated jewler (i think its called) she asked me if i wanted to know what it was, i should come visit the store. she had gear that could tell me what it was. and sure i did. and belive it or not. the damn thing was a diamond. to dirty to be used for jewls. but impressive bu its size. the only thing it could be used for was crush it and use it in tools. but i kept the diamond.

  • Loved your enthusiasm and excitement and showing us how your brain works

  • He has so much gems, Spyro an an Crash bandicoot might fight him as a boss fight

  • You just have to love Adam for his enthusiasm - such a lovely character 🙏

  • My husband is a machinist and an optician. I feel your pain.

  • lab sapphire are pretty cheap and you can get big ones

  • well this was fun ....

  • That Mythos pedal on the bench -

  • Adam's cabinet of curiosities

  • Funny thing is, I live close to Cullinan where the diamond was mined.

  • What about the heart of the ocean?

  • You mentioned how gemstones can evoke many thoughts and emotions, historically. i.e. colonialism. I recently researched the name behind the Rolls Royce model named Cullinan, which led me to discover more about the history of the diamond industry in South Africa. I learned that Sir Thomas Cullinan, was a prominent figure who owned a diamond mine in Cullinan, South Africa, and is renowned for giving his name to the Cullinan Diamond, the largest diamond ever discovered. He was one of a group of notable individuals, mostly from Europe, who exploited the African resource during the 1800s, and were known collectively as 'Randlords'. Other contemporaries of his were... Cecil Rhodes (Rhodesia was named after him) Paul Kruger (introduced the currency, Rand). Hence the terms krugerrand and Randlord. J.P. Morgan was another that profited from the South African growth of diamond and gold mining. There's a book titled,'The Randlords: The Men Who Made South Africa'. I believe the history behind these 'Randlords' would make an excellent documentary.

  • the gem goblin inside you requires sustenance

  • Adam, I believe you crave CONGLOMERATIONS of things as opposed to AGGLOMERATIONS. "Agglomeration: This is a collection of unrelated items. For example: A white elephant stall could be an agglomeration of unwanted items. Conglomeration: This is a collection of related items. For example: A conglomeration might be the parts of a dismantled motorbike."

  • не проще готовую купить в магазине? сделано криво и топорно

  • Use your dental vacuum former to create a custom cradle for each specimen. Then glue some black velvet or something over the forms and put them in the cubbyholes.

  • It's my dream to get one of those cutt in moissanite, the best replicant of a diamond, it actually refracts more light and is nearly the same hardness not to mention it tests positive on a diamond tester.

  • Your not the only one what liked shinny things, I have a box full of stones I brought home, brushed glass from the beach, fake jewels, and yeah gem stones but dame I want your collection hahah

  • I think it'd be cool to make a jewel thief's suitcase, full of innocent stuff but with a hidden drawer where the gems are smuggled out of the country

  • Oh to be a helping pair of hands in Adam's cave... that's probably every aspiring maker's dream.

  • you need to make a dedicated bandsaw cam :D

  • You need some stargate crystals 😁

  • I love box building. More please


  • 46:28 I'm pretty sure he just referenced Kumail Nanjiani lol

  • For some reason, it made me think of the way entomologists used to display insects in the Victorian era... Brass plaques and little velvet hollows... Though I think the wooden dividers are pretty key. You could do a "look but don't touch" glass front, but I would almost prefer the mystery of an ornate chest, or lock box. But then, I might be tempted to secret away the collection in a series of small compartments... Like a secret. :)

  • When Adam talks about how important vessels are at the 15:00 mark it reminded me of “The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction” by Ursula K Le Guin. There’s something about the human need to hold things that makes us who we are. Fiction lovers should go check it out at the anarchist library.

  • You've made a chocolate box of diamonds. How wonderful is that!

  • 27:28 I know he’s talked about it before, but I’ve never spontaneously noticed the tongue thing he does when he’s focusing before. 😂

  • I’ve noticed the richer people are, the more they care about the history of things over the thing itself or it’s usefulness. But it’s not just rich people who value that, most people do, just not to the same extent. Makes me wonder if we’ll lose that connection to our history the more things become digital/disposable.

  • The Arkenstone from The Hobbit would make a great centerpiece.

  • I’ll never understand the modern urban liberals obsession with guilt tripping themselves over every little thing. Dude can’t even enjoy his fake gemstone collection without making a special acknowledgment to the negative side of the history of the real objects he doesn’t own and had nothing to do with.

  • I like videos where he talks about his thought process from a general idea like “a historical gemstone experience” to a specific idea, to how to build it, to building it.

  • Wow. Until this video made me look it up, I always thought cubic zirconia was identical to diamonds chemically/physically and just was man-made rather than natural. They’re not the same at all, just similar looking. Diamond is way harder, much less dense, has a higher refractive index, a lower dispersion, etc. never knew.

  • Once I learned about glass costume jewels I wondered why anyone but the richest people /industry care about typical gemstones at all. If you just want a colored rock that looks like sapphire or emerald or whatever 98% of people can’t tell the difference.

  • Was that the Shard from The Dark Crystal?

  • I'm surprised that Adam doesn't have a replica of the Pink Panther.

  • I'd love to see a version of this with soft backlighting...

  • i would have had to have gone one step further, and made each individual cell padded with the shape of the backside of the gem cut out - just so they sit facing you properly as you open the box... but I get it, this is a "temporary home" for them, so not as much detailing as a permanent home would have. Also.. Adam, you drive me crazy with the wastefulness of the fabrics! Be a little more conservative with that stuff! Might be nothing to you, but to people like me, that stuff ain't cheap.

  • I think a wheel that spins like a Ferris wheel of gems and it had buttons that when pressed tell you which gem it is and the history of the gem

  • Mandatory drum solos at: 25:25 58:13 1:06:41

  • Surprised You Didn't Use The Table Saw To Cut Your Jem Box Open... Very Nice! 😉👍 Non The Less... Very, Very,... Nice! 😎👍 Guess The Blade Was Probably Too Wide? 🤔

  • I can't wait to see the septor wow I got Ruby's etc big ones red ones for a septor but I go with a diamond on the head wow I can't wait to see it it feels great to create projects

  • I time travel too 😉- every piece I make unlocks volumes of understanding in ways only discovery can explain.

  • I ❤ you're Energy! 😉👍 And The Freedom You Have In You're Life,.. To Embrace It! Every level,... Every angel,... And... every aspect fully and thoroughly explored! WOW! 😲 WHAT JOY AND HAPPINESS ☺ IT MUST BRING! 🌈 SO, SO,... AWESOME! 🤗 THANK YOU FOR SHARING IT WITH ME! AND THANK YOU FOR SHARING IT WITH THE🌎 ! ! ! . . . Blessings: James... 😊👍

  • i would love a humidor made by Adam

  • Adam I’m trained in cutting and grinding stones in to Cabochon. And have picked up a lot of knowledge on cutting faceted gem stones did you that each stones refractive Index causes the facets to be cut at different angles to maximize the quality of the cut. Some stones get more facets because of the index and cutting facets requires years of practice to get just right.

  • What about a treasure chest

  • Adam Savage is Schotts original miscellany but in human form

  • Vacu-formed inlays for the gems Adam.

  • The lamentable bumper desirably mend because driving typically repair than a tangy low. careless, supreme alley

  • I remember when I was younger, maybe around 9 or 10, I was obsessed with the movie Titanic (still am, not much has changed), especially the Heart of the Ocean necklace in it. My family vacationed in Florida that summer and we went to a flea market where I saw a stand selling replicas of that necklace for $10 and I wanted one so badly and was told we couldn't afford it. Now I tend to collect real stones because there's something about knowing that no matter how hard anyone tries, what I have can't be recreated exactly.

  • I really wish these were my stresses lol.

  • If you're including fictional stones, surely you need a Heart of the Ocean.

  • Your awesome loved the show it exspanded my mind. I had a green saffire glass but I thought it was priceless. 📡👽🇺🇸RUN!!!

  • Imagine when someone in 50 years open that box... Cheers! Marcelo from Argentina!

  • 44:40 What the hell is that????HAha Love it'

  • I think open cell foam custom fit for each gem, lined with black velvet would look very posh and official. You could even have a notch cut out for finger access.

    • Then put a mirror on the inside of the top lid so when you open the box you get the full lighting effect. Also the extra compartment could be for an antique jewelers loop. 👀🤯

    • And add a hole at the bottom of each gem compartment for a small LED to shine through.

  • i think one magnifiscant glass gem is a replica of kyriptonite from various super man movies and if it had a display case it probly say as a joke super-man-begone XD

  • Omg I go through a process similar to this And it fascinating to see some one go through the same thing

  • Wellfleet drive in?

  • At 44:43 "he smoke a little weed, he make a little face, he stay out the way" what in the world does that mean 🤣

  • Shout out to the vintage Time channel. Small time cutter, super nice guy and does some amazing original work

  • 45:02 I was so confused about why he was going to add Blue Dykem 😂

  • Adam I think you’d really enjoy dipping into the world of opals. Check out Pulitzer opal on UZfire. Very entertaining lapidary channel around opals.

  • Adam's enthusiasm makes me happy every single time. I wanna just sit and nerd out together.

  • Plot twist... it actually was a diamond.

  • How long before one of these beautiful pieces makes the ultimate sacrifice to become a part of a build? < not meant to be negative.

  • Make a cajon since you like drumming on boxes so much.

  • NICE!

  • I would imagine the collection box made from vacu-forming the gems in their right position in the box and use that vacu-form to make the 'bed' of the box lined with some fabric (suede or something)...

  • I feel Adam and I have a lot in common. I still have a jewelry and gemstone hoard.

  • Getting to that sort of level of achievement is amazing, Adam’s coke dealer’s mum must be so proud

  • While Adam was putting the stones away all I could think of was "Why'd you get dinosaurs?" "They were on sale at Woolworths, Oscar said it doesn't matter."

  • Hells Bells, Margaret, is that a new hair dryer?!

  • Adam: "Why do I need this collection? I don't know." Me: "Because you're a dragon" Adam: "I crave conglomerations of things and I don't know why." Me: "Because you're a dragon." Adam: "Why do I-- I don't know. I just love them!" Me: *cough*DRAGON*cough* Adam: "I have a Dark Crystal! LEWK at it!" Me: "Such a dragon..."

  • UZfire is so weird. You have people making content that are complete amateurs - self-taught enthusiasts... and their content shows up right next to someone like Adam who's got decades of professional experience. I find myself watching a One Day Build and thinking "Wow, that came out great!" and then remembering "Oh yeah, this has been Adam's JOB for like 30 years, he's going to make good stuff." So it's less of being impressed that he managed to make a thing and more being grateful that he's shared his skill with us. Anyway...yeah. Deep thoughts.

  • So I came back here after emerging from an 8 hour journey through Lapidary videos! Cheers for that Adam

  • You need the crystal from Superman.

  • My idea, and not that it makes it right for you, would be to create a puzzle box that would tell a story based on the gems that were held within.

  • 44:10 was TERRIFYING! I kept yelling at the screen "Adam, NUUUUU!!! You're gonna drop one & it's gonna shatter!" So stressful to see beauty in such a precarious situation even for only those few seconds...

  • Have you considered getting some replicas in Moissanite?

  • Needed a compartment for a pair of white gloves... those stones really lose their shine when you handle them.

  • Adam - please, please, please do the Ark of the Covenant from Raiders of the Lost Ark! I know you have it in you, and I'd love to see the design and build process you'd go through to do this!

  • i would!

  • Adam should check out Vintage Time's youtube channel, a passionate gem cutter from Australia, I think he'll get a kick out of the Cleopatra's Eye video: linked below

  • Definitely need to add a kyber crystal in there

  • No matter how pick the kntitteth ye piçks the knitteth or something like that 🤪👍🏼

  • Rock video

  • Adam you forgot about your chest of throwaway costume gems. The pirates chest

  • Haven't finished the video yet, but what if the final product had a small placard that has the name of the stone, and a brief description of the lore behind it. That would be awesome!

  • I think you're missing a few like "The Blue Carbuncle", "The Star of Rhodesia", "The Star of Delhi", "The Galaxy", "The Moonstone", The Devils Eye", The Head piece of Ra", and let us not forget "The Pink Panther".

  • "I crave agglomerations of things, I don't know why." Adam, it means you're either a Goblin or a Dragon. As the collections appear to be rooted in their value to you, rather than the monetary value, I'd lean more towards Goblin.

  • I would have filled each compartment with low density crush to pad the gems, then make a sabot cut for the grid out of foam and velvet to hold the gems securely from the top. Then that sabot can be flipped onto the inside lid for display. The back of the sabot could be labelled for the compartments. For the colored pieces the compartment normally should be customized with a contrasting color to show off the gem.

  • This is similar to what I pictured in my head when he discussed a portable display case: