Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Miniature Piano!

Joylandi 2-Iyn, 2021
Adam gets to work fixing a vintage Schoenhut toy piano that he recently picked up at auction that's in dire need of repair. In fact, it's going to take the disassembly of two broken pianos to make one working one, in addition to completely remaking the keys and restoring the metal harp. Let's take a look inside this classic children's toy and see if Adam can get it back to a tuned and playable state!

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Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch

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  • Get the *bandsaw noises* shirt Adam is wearing here! Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks: Tested Ts, stickers, mugs and more:

    • @david marden yep, thats Adam hes a cool dude

    • @Paradox CityLife At the last Portland Mythbusters live show he changed shirts about 10 times, each shirt was progressively cooler.

    • I immediately yelled "BANDSAW NOISES!!!" as soon as I saw the shirt. Amazing

    • @Lethgar Smith just watched that video, thank you very much….as I commented in that video, I’m a monkey looking at an aeroplane watching the awesome mind bending design!

    • I'm a carpenter, every house or building I've worked on has my name and the date on the framing somewhere along with that years penny nailed next to it. I found signed work years ago and I've done it ever since. It really made me feel a connection to the builders who came before me ,and I hope someone feels that same connection some time in the future

  • did the wood keys expand yet? or is it still fine thats what keeps going in my head 😁

  • observe as adam slowly picks up luthiery and starts building custom guitars edit: to get a more piano like sound you could convert it to strings (i think guitar&mandolin strings should do the trick) instead of those metal sticks you could even (if you're crazy enough) create a steinway and sons style framework for the strings

  • Schoenhut = nice hat

  • When Worlds Collide! Big fan of Adam and Ted Woodford, was watching a twoodfrd video today and someone commented that Adam had namechecked him, too cool!

  • I love the music that came in at around 3:00! So enjoyable!

  • Hello from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. Thanks for sharing your great video’s please keep them coming.

  • Adam, I love you but as a Manufacturing Engineer, I have to say I think you will have more broken keys, they are just too thin at the pivot without reinforcement. maybe a super-thin sheet of fiberglass or a thin metal trip. love your stuff have wanted to start a maker's fair here and just can't get enough interest. but who knows. will keep it up and spread the joy of making.

  • One day, far into the future there will be a San Francisco, Minnesota! Home of the fighting tree dogs. (Evolution ya know)

  • He should have replaced the tines with something that sounds much better.

  • eBay is our friend

  • Saw someone else restore one of these toys ...tested his young son with it to play a tune, young son said no black keys they play the same as the white and theres 2 C's you cant play anything.... it just makes noises lol

  • All that happened was he thought somebody said, "Can you make my tiny pianist look bigger?" in a high background noise environment.

  • as someone wit a "broken" antique toy piano, i'm so excited to see how you fix the broken tongs/increase the resonance

  • the punch drunk love episode

  • "That one just sounds like crap". Smacks it with a hammer. That made me laugh.

  • Never thought I'd sit and watch Adam polishing his rods multiple times in a video

  • Doesn't sharpie fade over around 2 years?

  • Yuh know Adam, I really couldn't care less about toy pianos. Or their revitalisation. BUT. In my life at comin' up 70 early next year it is very very easy to get a bit maudlin about life and suchlike - but a while spent in your company, even via You Tube, bathing in your enthusiasm for a while sometimes turns around some of the blackest of mindsets and makes my day a little easier to get by with. And if you multiply that across the watching & listening world, please take heart if you EVER doubt what you're doing having value - well, m'boy I want to reassure you that it does. It surely does. Why so? Because you're sharing a wee while of trials and/or fun with me/with us. We get to travel that albeit minor route to success with some fun and genuine smiles along the way. You are a tonic, young sir. More efficacious than tablets and potions. Please, please - don't stop what you're doing? Sincerely, etc Ian

  • Instead of Lads and Lass, try "Guys, Gals and non-binary pals" (Love your videos) :)

  • OK Go was the first thing I thought of as the video started . . . was thinking of commenting on it and then within 5 minutes Adam brought it up himself. That song was my JAM last year when it came out. Listening to it now and re-experiencing that early pandemic headspace is a bit intense.

  • Gotta wonder if the little pyramids would have helped with the back heavy balancing issues.

  • What do the hands say above the poliching wheel? I love you, F N Y? (41:46)

  • This must be one of Adam's most sloppy builds. They keys didn't even go back to default position. They're not white, and he didn't restore any of the outside. 4/10 for me. For once I'd like to see a video called "Adam takes his time".

  • I wish you'd drop the elevator music playing over the sped up parts.

  • Tigran Hamasyan uses this kind of piano beautifully.

  • Adam is a real treasure! He is literally an inspiration for thousands of people. :)

  • Who else noticed the last key lying there not getting the clear coat lovin'? Beautiful job Adam, as usual!

  • Ted Woodford is one of my favorite UZfire guitar techs and has taught me so much more than I thought possible.

  • Adamn.. Was this like a corner SF find? Awe :)

  • Bolt a 1x12 diameter steel plate to the floor. Bolt a 6x6 to the base and attach it to the underside of bench under that Wilton. Through bolts or ready rod from the top of the vise to the 3 inch thick collar surrounding the support post. Miniature pianos are like the physical incarnation of whimsy. ✌

  • Beautiful Adam. I love your work, always!

  • I notice how his sentiment at the end about clearing 130 more corners implies that his cave has 130+ corners. Could this imply that it's larger on the inside than the outside(the shop itself isn't that big, and isn't all corners that we see) so he could be living in the Tardis?

  • I'm watching this and wondering to myself if Adam signing his work more over the past year is an unspoken acknowledgement of the reality of one's mortality, especially in the wake of Covid, and the loss of Mr. Imahara in the past year? :(

  • It would be kinda fun if this piano did a guest appearance on the next Wintergatan album 🤓

  • When sanding such small parts, it seems there should be finger protection, maybe some rough or spikey thimbles to grip it

  • That shirt though! 🤣

  • A small, heartfelt wish: please stop fast forwarding the most interesting parts of the video. You've been doing it since before Adam came on board, and no matter how often people complain, it doesn't seem to cut through: whatching someone competent going through the nitty-gritty can be incredibly pleasing, and when someone isn't interested, put some timestamps in so they can skip to the next part. This is internet video, not television

  • Finding signed work, especially if its old and dated is super interesting. I have a horse drawn omnibus from 1898 that i am restoring. When I acquired it the very first panel I removed from it revealed 2 signatures, presumably, of the lads that built it and dated May 1898. in my effort to research the vehicle, I tracked the family of one of them, hoping someone in the family might have pictures of the guy or of his work. It turned out they didn't know anything about him or his work but I, and they, found it all very interesting. And all in, it adds a little bit more to the history

  • I would have left in the last person's key since they did a good job

  • 35:50 Aaaaaaaagggghhhhhh!

  • There's this childlike flutter of glee I got when Ted was mentioned. As someone who's aspired to be a luthier for years and adores watching these projects, I never expected those two would cross but I guess I was wrong! In the few months I've watched TWoodfrd, I've learned SOOO much, and the man really is the Bob Ross of guitar repair, and just... wow, it's so cool to see where the knowledge has come from and share in it.

  • *Adam taps key* “that one sounds like crap” *breaks out hammer* *clang*

  • As a professional instrument restorer, I can heartily state that signing the workpiece after a repair is a big no no, so long as it was made by someone else. Amateurish and defiling the originally intended state of the piece.

  • just use a router to cut the slot then use the table saw to cut the angles

  • One thing I love is you didn't TOUCH all that beautiful patina of wear and use on the case and frame. I see so many restoration efforts that just erase the beauty of years, but, nope, not you. Not in the least unexpected from someone who enjoys adding that to his creations, but it was delightful all the same.

  • Does Adam plan to do anything with the finish, or is the aged look what he wants?

  • Watching Adam always makes me smile. He shares his experience and experiences with all of us and I thank him for the gift.

  • Does Adam have a router table?

  • Parts cleaners are for grease etc....evaporust is for rust. Fun video though :)

  • On the topic of building instruments, are you familiar with the Marble Machine X built by @wintergatan2000 ?

  • I was STUNNED when I heard you mention Ted Woodford at around 12:20! My two worlds have collided!

  • Slightly disappointed when he was making the signature location more specific, he didn't pause at the end and add ", Earth"

  • Those keys seem like a job for Fusion 360, the Formlabs printer, and some tough resin to me.

  • The violet algebra generically note because radar actually choke given a tasteless religion. magenta, good rectangle

  • I've just started hiding "we've been trying to reach you about your cars limited warranty" in my projects.

  • Tubular Bells old son.

  • "a million years ago"

  • Hey Adam, if that was a million years ago , are saying we are fossils?

  • Would it be interesting to swap the tuned bars for brass tubes? Not sure what difference it would make in the tone, but this feels like a nice little testbed for nascent wintergartens!

  • Adam there's a book you have to find called "Making Mechanical Marvels in Wood" by Raymond Levy. It will show you a lot of tricks for mass producing small wooden parts. Lotsa good projects in there too.

  • Love the shirt

  • I've spent way too many hours fixing and tuning pipe organs. This is the first one day build where I've wanted to be there and help collaborate.

  • Hello Magpie Pirates!

  • 6:24 that was almost the Dance of the Sugar Plumb Fairy from the Nutcracker Suite!

  • When adam shows us the milling end it just reminds me of the guy with the diamond tester of tick tock "real! Real! Stop hatin' real!"

  • The Bob Godfrey, the man behind Henry's Cat?

  • Well, I guess I’ll watch something else since I had to yell alexa stop and it stopped youtube and not the music you just triggered in my house. You tubers, please stop with the alexa fallouts in your videos 💥🤯🔫

  • 33:45 your mill and vacuum make a really cool industrial sounding major seventh interval if I’m hearing that right. Use this information as you will 👍

    • Oh, good call! I wish I'd picked that up for this thing:

  • 32:49 You know, fingertips are sensitive enough to detect the difference between a smooth surface, and one with ridges just 13 NANOmeters high:

  • Imagine finding the writing inside the piano in 2080 and then finding this video aswell :)

  • i am craving the mando build

  • Anyone else watched this video and immediately had Yann Tierson's "Pas Si Simple" from Amelie start playing in their head? B-D

  • Jack White said he put notes in furniture when he was working on them too.

  • Great build , the tongue even comes out for a peek . :-)

  • Just a hundred thirty more projects lying around? That's less then half a year of one day builds Adam! Better get more thing or it might get boring towards the end of the year ;)

  • I admire so much about this guy; shop, skills, imagination and communication. I'm curious about the music at 47:40, is it something pre-existing or written for Tested?

  • I think Adam would be perfect for a collaboration with Wintergatan. I would like to see him build a piece for the marble machine!

  • Reminds me of "Punch Drunk Love". Adam Sandler.

  • Just Adam in his cave, polishing his shaft

  • Moderately obsessive! Also *bandsaw noises*

  • Adam. You talked about signing your work and that sparked a memory: I was working as a cobbler (district trainer) in Indianapolis and a very Irate gentleman came in with a young lady and they presented me with a very old pair of shoes that were very worn in. If you know anything about shoe repair it's becoming a lost skill but you can tell a lot about a person by their walking pattern. I examined the old man's shoe and quoted him a rather low price for a standard repair and asked him if he'd like me to address the issues I see. Fearing her grandfather was going to get fleeced out of some cash the young lady asked for clarification. I pointed out the wear pattern and some inexpensive ways I can protect these shoes he must love and we bargained a bit and I told it'd be about 90 minutes. Usually it's an hour, but he wanted some additions that take some time. I got into the shoes and tore the soles out and was presented with a note left in between the leather sole and the lining. I unfolded the yellowed, dry paper carefully and it said, "This man is an Asshole, don't give him a decent price. Barry Kempf 5/11/73" Oh lord how I laughed! The shop was in a mall and they must have heard me down in the food court. Thinking of how the old man haggled and the young lady asked questions I put the little note and the hastily scrolled note I wrote on another piece of paper in a little plastic baggy and left it for historians to find after I made the repair. My note? Not to take anything away from the original cobbler I simply wrote, "Can confirm. My name, and the date, sometime probably in 1997". I hope that old guy is still out there somewhere. Yours in hands-on work, BWJ :-)

  • Ted Woodford is a delight to watch, so nice to know you watch his work too.

  • I thought you were rebuilding a piano not juggling! Why are there balls in the air?

  • I love that you're using my favorite small driver and drill. Those makita 12v devices are so well fitted to hand and purpose.

  • Chimes.

  • "Damn milwaukee scissors be beefy" 😳😳😳😳

  • Who's the baddest rebuilt children's piano in San Francisco?! SCHOENHUT!!

  • The van story reminds me of towing a hooptie racecar across country and getting thumbs up and having to explain what it was, where we were going and how fast it was at every gas station.

  • Didn't Shroeder have one of those?

  • Imma say it: *Adam Savage* is, by far, one of my favourite people on the entire planet! 🤟🏻🥰❤️ Can't wait for Part 2! 😃

  • PLEASE bring in a piano tuner! I've never met one who isn't open to a challenge, how they do what they do is interesting, and it would be fun to see how you two collaborate in bringing it towards proper tune as far as you reasonably can!

  • Front the start, I'm certain that one thing that won't get better is the resonance. This is for two reasons: One is it's not built around a metal-strung harp like a real piano, it's properly a key-struck bell set. The other is it's going to be too small for good resonance in any case.

  • As a dutchy i just see schoenhut. As in shoe tent XD

  • As Grandpa always used to say, “ A little lubrication goes a long way”... Then Grandma would slap him on the back of his head as she walked by. I didn’t understand this till I was much older.😉

  • Ya know, I bet if contacted, OK Go would be fine with their music being played on here.... I love those guys. I have one of these pianos, I wonder if doing some of this would improve the sound from it. The difference between the weak muffled sound before and the nice bright sound after is pretty striking.

  • Me, takes something apart: Well, that's a lot of interesting pieces, wonder how they fit together? Adam, takes something apart: So that's how that works! Let's improve it!

  • Buzz that noggin, bro! Your hair looks ridiculous

  • I have left so many notes in rooms and houses I have restored. My favourite is in this one hallway where we had to do some sturdy but genuinely hideous, what-the-fuck-were you thinking shimming work to flatten a wall. The divider between the hallway and a bedroom closet was literally doubled sheets of plywood badly warped on multiple axes - like 4" of variance - and I couldn't remove it without going at load-bearing members _and_ other walls (long, horrible story) _and_ we didn't have the width to add a new outer frame to code. So I just decided "hey, it's stupid now, let's just go" and shimmed in a new outer wallboard layer with every piece of random scrap we had on site - but before I sealed it up, I left a note of explanation starting with, "This was not our finest hour." xD

  • How nice to work with a nice thing, good equipment.