Adam Savage's One Day Builds: OneWheel Electric Skateboard Mods!

Joylandi 22-May, 2021
Adam loves riding his OneWheel XR electric skateboard around the neighborhood, and makes modifications to his board to give it some attachable payload capacity as well as GoPro mounts to film his rides. The satchel he sews allows him to repurpose car airbag he rescued from a car in his MythBuster days, and the camera mounts will give us a sense of how smoothly the board glides up San Francisco's hills. And the modifications aren't completely without a custom charging stand to build as well!

Watch Adam assemble his OneWheel XR here:

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch

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Thanks for watching!


  • Adam, have you considered the Insta360 ONE X2 camera on a stick? Footage from that camera looks just incredible!

  • Am I the only one who harmonizes with Adam's sneezes every time his leg goes up?

  • I didn't believe onewheels to be a viable product any more useful than a toy until i saw adam savage had went to their place and made his own. Knowing it had his stamp of approval im now a proud owner of an xr nearing 3000 miles

  • That dramatic zoom before nailing the stand together had me thinking Adam was getting a nail through his finger 😂😂 thank god he moved his fingers

  • I imagined that bag approx twice the size.

  • Ahhh yes the time adam made a washbag

  • Instead of “finishing” the seam you could run a bead of thin glue along the edge to stop if fraying. I’ve used this method and it works well, you just have to be careful that it doesn’t wick through and show on the outside of the fabric.

  • Tragedy barely avoided when the Damoclesian sword narrowly missed savagely impaling Adam.

  • Just when I thought he was a genius.....

  • Love the stand! Just got my OneWheel Pint this week. The thing already looks like its been through a war but sooo much fun. Thanks for the inspiration on a stand design, definitely going to design my own now.

  • For those paying attention, @50:42 you can find Adam traveling back and forth to his shop near the 500 Club, located at 500 Guerrero St in San Francisco. Maybe get a picture and/or an autograph?

  • That bag for your one wheel was great! Should be mass produced in black for like 20 bucks

  • What was the name of that backwards book

  • every time i see the finger patch i wonder if they seen the image i sent right after it happened... i was hoping for a safety sticker (or engraved data plate) to put on machinery lol

  • Adam Savage is brilliant!

  • Once you have that side mounted cam is framed up, I think there's another unintended benefit of the location you picked, and you could even enhance this just a tad with a bright flag is to add a sort of barrier that encourage people to give you space as we cyclist knows too well that cars like to get too close sometimes and in rare cases clip people

  • Sad he still has to record this by himself because he lives in crazy California. We lose so much content.

  • arent you supposed to be creative to do stuff like this?

  • Linked video at the end is him making the Onewheel. Cool.

  • This was a fantastic video, Adam.

  • that book times error sounds like my favourite Red Dwarf episode Backwards.

  • I've had my onewheel for less than a year and I've already got twelve FDM prints hanging off the thing or used for car transportation or storage!

  • "Where are you? ... Hi!" Happens to me all the time.

    • San Francisco/ Bay Area is where he is.

  • Both is always the answer. Add some "shelves" to mount the cameras wherever. Think gun rails.

  • Now me being a skater I couldn't help but notice that he said he was goofy in stance. But when he put the styrofoam mannequin on the one wheel he was regular. Just want to make sure Adam is aware that goofy means right foot forward

  • It's such a shame that OneWheels are forbidden in Germany 😭

  • Love your builds but the rest of the United States don’t use these as a mode of transport must be a California thing

  • 8:21 bless you

  • i feel like Adam Savage coudl have built a 2nd stand for the workshop so then if hes going to quickt do a small errand from the house to the workshop or reverse the sands be there at both destinations and have a means to do so with out having to take more then needed for just a briefe trip there and back plus i think on good clear weather no one relly knows Adam Savage might want to enjoy the weather for a briefe point at to be when ever needed for soem nice fresh air instead of having to be couped up in the workshop for to long

  • Look out for nose dives🤓

  • 52:03 He did the 'Seriously? No turn signal?' huff!

  • It’s so weird to see Adam so excited because whenever I see him with his dog riding his orange one wheel down my street, Dearborn, he’s never responded. Often cold.

  • Surprised at the performance out of it. Though living out in the middle of nowhere I would never own one it seems very prectitcal for city living. Curious how long the tire last.

  • Would love to get a laser cut kit!

  • Crazy man, love your freedom and Maker spirit. Keep on ! Look at the new Sex Panther Pro on Indiegogo if you loke crazy machines !

  • Adam do you suggest any of the bundles one wheel offers for the XR. Also have you ever rode in snow?

  • Adam! I love that you ride a onewheel! This is a daily love of mine! Have you seen the new float life WTF rails? I would love to see the science behind how they work!

  • I love that when you do some heavy concentrating and checking out the finer details the tongue tells the viewer "Hey I'm working here, LOL. The stand is awesome and you never fail to impress

  • Please make a laser cut! I want it!

  • Bum bag

  • I'm looking to find a altafesnive means or tranprtion (car accident and social anxiety), is this a good alternative (is the random stop no longer a problem?). Michigan Roads are seriously bumpy, can't take a spill at 25 mph+.

  • Your "Some view" was the same as my girlfriend's the first time she went to Mt. St. Helens. Haha

  • For all the fabric work you do I'm surprised you do not have an overlocker. I sometimes make my wife and girls outfits and could not do without one.

  • Yes, a Festool dust collection system.

  • This just made me think of another really good design for a bag to fit the Onewheel. Instead of Velcro you could use adjustable straps that connect to little eye hooks or other small brackets that you mount to the foot pads right by the wheel guard. When you remove the bag from the Onewheel, the straps could fold over the top of the bag as a handle. Or let the straps out and it could be a small shoulder bag as well. Hope that makes sense enough to picture it. Haha

  • How did you "finish" the seams, specifically? Sewing is just the use of a lot of tiny rivets as mechanical fasteners to connect two pieces of sheet stock. Yes I'm yelling at the screen about stripping out brass wood screws - 1. a better pilot hole 2. rub the threads with bar soap or candle wax.

  • Adam Savage riding past on a one-wheel electric skateboard is the most San Francisco thing I've ever heard.

  • When Adam breaks things like needles and other potentially sharp things you wouldn’t want to step on, I mostly just get anxiety about his dog walking around the shop and any of those things that may have fallen to the floor. 😥

  • The most ridiculously dangerous thing to ride ever made. Whoever invented it needs a bloody backhander. Thankfully about to be banned here in England.

  • they have fender bags on eBay …can grab it for $20 or less if you haggle …what I use on mine just throwing it out there adding link ..might not last long is it just me or does the stand look like the sphinx from the never ending story? awesome design but that's just what it reminded me of when he assembled it

  • The bag needs French seams for structure

  • How is that one wheel so clean! It looks new

  • I have invented something similar to this...well kind of similar but quite a bit different. It's extremely difficult to make though. I have to design and print some complex parts and create DC motors which literally don't even exist, but when I'm done it will go up on kickstarter. I'm knew to 3d printing and a lot of this stuff so going to be quite a struggle, but hopefully one day people like Adam Savage will use my invention. That's the dream :D

  • Sir, have you been watching Sk8 the Infinity or is this just a coincidence

    • Highly unlikely but I bet Adam would love a bit of gay skateboarding anime

  • What's the arm band for?

  • I have a onewhool and am always down to watch builds to make them better.

  • You shoulda made something custom to go on on the mag handle mount for the GoPro

  • Styrofoam you 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I must have missed that one.. where the hell did that come from

  • Currently I have 4,761 miles on my XR. Ride on Adam!

  • Seems unnecessary.

  • Dude just walk? At ur age u need the exercise...

  • The One Wheel looks so cool. I need to get me one. I make accessories for them at my work.

  • The voracious millimeter considerably bubble because teller worryingly boast between a innocent oak. subdued, steep amusement

  • wow truly shocked how well crafted that bag is

  • Great video, thank you!

  • Cut my airbag into pieces, seatbelt is my last resort.

  • Man Bag and some Velcro works great too!

  • Seems a bit too clean, those foot pads never let go of dirt or dust. Very interesting.... Definitely used many times

  • You need an Insta360

  • "And remember this: there is no more important rule than to wear these, safety glasses....except maybe don't mount a sword above your work area where you might bonk it with a styrofoam you and almost Eric Bana, _King Arthur: Legend of the Sword_ yourself to death. That's a pretty important rule too."

  • "Alright,opp, where are you? Hii"

  • Make a mod that makes it not nosedive. Onewheels are cool but they are seriously flawed. Just some of the most forceful, hard falls I have ever experienced on a board, and for what reason? Cause I went fast? Where is the warning?

  • I would still love to do a build with you one day or some kind of project.

  • Make two rigid walls for the bag from kydex. Stitch them inside so it holds the shape you want.

  • I'm glad that $5 sword didn't cause a $5000 wound! He didn't even flinch! Adam is a SAVAGE!

  • You need to replace the GoPro with a 360° camera. The beauty of these cameras is that you can hold it and forget thinking about if it is capturing you. It captures everything. All you are left with is PoV. Do you want it in front or behind. Easy enough to just hold it on a pole as you are driving.

  • There is one De-Merit badge that you guys are def. missing: Getting yourself shocked because of own stupidity. (I could probably buy them in bulk -_- ) Perfect design would be one of those old school comic electric shocks where you can see the skeleton?

  • Tom Sachs design aesthetic is inspired by aerospace. The holes are a weight saving measure commonly seen in aircraft construction. It wasn't invented by him or anything, he had his inspiration too. You see it alot in car racing as well, drilling holes in stuff is a great way to shave weight.

  • This video is a great explanation on why more people don’t Upcycle airbags. That material looks like a nightmare to work with. Like fine silk level of nightmare.

  • I think the bag needs an H-frame wire across the top. Plastic, for airport simplicity. OR carbon fiber!

  • Does Adam still have his Segway? He used it constantly on Mythbusters.

  • I ride an electric unicycle and found this video extremely satisfying. I hope to see you pick one up so I can see what kind of mods you would do with it.

  • You are a mad scientist!! Great video!!

  • Halfway through: I'm pretty sure I just watched Adam make a fancy llama bag. (A kit-bag we sewed in Home Ec when I was in 6th grade ~'05)

  • Dear Adam, you are a onewheel fan and engineering genius. Please help FM make them safer. Between nosedives and terrifying down hill power fails (no brakes) there has to be a better way to fail safe these things so that they have some sort of reserve power for slowing to a balanced stop, or a mechanical fail safe that kicks out a sliding kickstand. Something, anything! I love the onewheel just as much as you but I’m tired of getting hurt and not being able to ride for weeks. Thank you.

  • You set up your camera for riding reg after stating you ride goofy.... respect that right foot! NM you fixed it

  • I like Adam but he's utter mayhem in the shop...jamie had it bad 😀

  • We've gotten to a point that it's painful to watch someone cut plywood. Every time he cut or drilled I was thinking how much money the wood shavings are worth.

  • One question I have is that you use a bandsaw for cutting a more diverse range of materials than any other maker I've seen, and I have to wonder how that affects blade sharpness. I'm not sure I've ever seen you comment or video about maintaining the sharp things in your life (other than your mind!). Would you consider a video addressing that?

  • omg so brings back memories of my week in San Francisco!!!

  • Had to leave another comment, this is my favorite one day build video. Well done Adam.

  • Wish the UK had more progressive laws towards EV's scateboards, self balancing unicycles, very small form factors, can you get a raincover for a single wheel scateboard. convertable. Airbag material great re-usable material. there must be thousands of near perfect ones in scrap yards. always interesting.

  • Who else watches these and occasionally is surprised not to hear Robert Lee's narration?

  • The sway in the sewing table and camera mount... is something I look forward to their one day fix. :-)

  • Hey I'm goofy too!!

  • Definitely recommend one of those 360 cameras. If I had more money I would absolutely buy a One Wheel and a 360 camera!

  • Metric and English??? We went metric in 1972

  • Dude, just get a UBER in the very odd times you misjudge your range. You'll never be far from home anyway.

  • Cool stand, but i made one that holds my xr and my pint, out of a plywood base, a middle 2x2, and 2x6's on either side to support the wheels. Took 10 mins. I thought you might make some homemade flight fins! Onewheels are the best!

  • How does yours look so new?