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Adam Savage’s Tested is a content platform and community playground for makers and curious minds. On, the highly- engaged Tested UZfire channel, and at conventions and events, dynamic makers share ideas and inspire each other to build their obsessions. Led by Adam Savage, the Tested team explores the intersection of science, popular culture, and emerging technology, showing how we are all makers. Adam also takes viewers behind the scenes of films, TV shows, theater, and museums, shining a spotlight on the craftspeople and artists who make the magic we all enjoy.

Tested is also: Norman Chan, Joey Fameli, Gunther Kirsch, Ryan Kiser, Kishore Hari, Sean Charlesworth, Jeremy Williams, Kayte Sabicer, Bill Doran, Ariel Waldman, Darrell Maloney and Kristen Lomasney.


1:14:52Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Excalibur Henchmen Armor!
15:03Adam Savage's Guide to Workshop Hammers!
Adam Savage's Guide to Workshop Hammers!Ko‘rishlar soni 76 mingKun oldin
14:36Kayte's Miniature Models from 'Real Steel'!
Kayte's Miniature Models from 'Real Steel'!Ko‘rishlar soni 82 mingKun oldin
7:16Ask Adam Savage: Favorite Object Built on MythBusters
18:28How Holographic Doom Works on a Lightfield Display!
How Holographic Doom Works on a Lightfield Display!Ko‘rishlar soni 55 mingKun oldin
1:12:13Let's Make a PlayDate - This is Only a Test 603 - 6/10/21
53:53Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Foamcore Architectural Model!
15:25Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Great Budget Vacuum Former!
21:41Adam Savage's New Milling Machine!
Adam Savage's New Milling Machine!Ko‘rishlar soni 150 ming8 kun oldin
24:47Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Workbench Vise Upgrade!
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Workbench Vise Upgrade!Ko‘rishlar soni 186 ming8 kun oldin
21:08HTC Vive Pro 2 VR Headset Review!
HTC Vive Pro 2 VR Headset Review!Ko‘rishlar soni 43 ming8 kun oldin
1:06:54The Real Ocean's 11 - This is Only a Test 602 - 6/3/21
The Real Ocean's 11 - This is Only a Test 602 - 6/3/21Ko‘rishlar soni 13 ming8 kun oldin
1:01:48Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Miniature Piano!
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Miniature Piano!Ko‘rishlar soni 188 ming15 kun oldin
6:55Ask Adam Savage: The Day I Saw Unparalleled Joy on Jamie's Face
8:56Adam Savage's Beskar Spear Prop Replica!
Adam Savage's Beskar Spear Prop Replica!Ko‘rishlar soni 95 ming15 kun oldin
1:16:33Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Famous Gemstones Collection!
15:37Ask Adam Savage: Thoughts About Galaxy's Edge
Ask Adam Savage: Thoughts About Galaxy's EdgeKo‘rishlar soni 70 ming15 kun oldin
19:22Hot Toys 1/4 Scale Spider-Man Review and Diorama Build!
Hot Toys 1/4 Scale Spider-Man Review and Diorama Build!Ko‘rishlar soni 24 ming15 kun oldin
1:05:57Steam in Your Pocket - This is Only a Test 601 - 5/27/21
1:24:21Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Animatronic Bear Head!
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Animatronic Bear Head!Ko‘rishlar soni 122 ming22 kun oldin
18:01Adam Savage's Guide to Workshop Scissors
Adam Savage's Guide to Workshop ScissorsKo‘rishlar soni 139 ming22 kun oldin
15:18Ask Adam Savage: When Good Lightsaber Battles Go Bad
Ask Adam Savage: When Good Lightsaber Battles Go BadKo‘rishlar soni 86 ming22 kun oldin
29:34How To Professionally Frame Your Artwork at Home!
How To Professionally Frame Your Artwork at Home!Ko‘rishlar soni 45 ming22 kun oldin
21:24Adam Savage's Live Builds: Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Kit (Part 8)
55:55Adam Savage's One Day Builds: OneWheel Electric Skateboard Mods!
1:23:04Step Into The Looking Glass - This is Only a Test 600 - 5/21/21


  • Demerit Badge: When you burn a hole in your shoe or pants with your soldering iron because you didn't put in a safe place.

  • This is really good laptop idea but the person who made it should at least have put in a faster cpu speed

  • Poor Maggie, all that banging woke her up, I think she's a bit frightened of the noise, peeking out from under that desk

  • I like those eyeglasses pliers, but a little bit of electrical tape wrapped around the jaws of regular pliers works fine for me.

  • One-Day Build Idea: a simple project that teaches you everything (specifically metalworking or sewing)

  • 23:50 Screw this! Guy can't let a pup nap in peace!

  • You're congratulating yourself on less than sterling color work. Disappointing.

  • I hope the dude making the amazing furniture gets his own shop instead, he doesn't need to be in a place where he's not appreciated by wankers saying that his art isn't creative.

  • Watching Adam struggle to transfer the bear head, wonders how with all the stuff he has in his shop he doesn't have an old light tracing projector. My teachers used to do giant posters from coloring books all the time.

  • Great video, thanks

  • Or just use badge glue for your demerit badges! The worlds worst way to attach badges. :P

  • Nerd comment. Elbows have couters, knees have cops and he made a roundel. Also if you think those bits from the nibbler are bad in your socks.... try your undies.... Don't ask how I know. *** Applause Noises *** Nicely played Norm Nicely Played. :D (Assuming Norm edited this.)

    • Sorry Gunther........... Not Norm.

  • AMD Version please !!!

  • "The love is gonna go deep." Sounds like something Jamie would have said to Adam pretty often.....

  • Dammit.. Now that song is in my head again... 🥺

  • I know that everything in this workshop has a place, and its probably so organised. But that place looks like a right shit hole!!! It just looks so messy but i know Adam and i know that everything will have its tidy place!!!

  • the disk is called a Rondel. I made armor for a living for half my life. Working with sheetmetal every day i wore out left hand gloves from holding the metal and my right hand used the hammer with no glove. I had buckets of right hand gloves so i always tried to find a left handed apprentice.

    • @John Sawyer most likely different gloves,i used thick shop gloves.

    • You should have talked to your customers. I wore out right handed gloves playing with swords faster than left ones. :D


  • I wonder if they planned Rome to be a one day build

  • "That just lives down there now"

  • What would a suit of armour look like, having resurged armour though the ages(+ fantasiefilmworld) If you had to disign it, and would it be an idea for a one+one+one........ one day build? Bdw you clearly showed us how to do it👍

  • Please wear a mask when using Acetone, folks!!!

  • Nice work. By the way, go to Harbor Freight and grab their Throatless Shear. Best $130 I ever spent on a tool.

  • Love these story filled videos. Thanks Adam.

  • Q: Why does Adam frequently have scratches and cuts in weird places? A: 11:11

  • Do ya reckon they had Sharpies in the Middle Ages?

    • I guess they didn't have aluminium either. And if they had had it, would probably have chosen some other material for armour.

  • The knocking on the leather made my dogs go nuts

  • You want a challenge Adam ? Make a full set of armour for GI Joe / action man in uk , and his horse . Something I have been meaning to do for years.

  • I love how Adam rocked his Tom Sachs Nikecraft Mars Yards in a good portion of this video .

  • Nice Shirt,Adam!!

  • The Chaotic ADHD Energy of this build is so on point I had to comment on it before even finishing the video

  • I've been able to pre-color my styrene with markers, I've used Chartpak and Prismacolor markers. Getting the color layout to match exactly where you have your part, well thats a bit of trial and error, just don't burn it..

  • YESSSSSSSSSSS more videos likethis

  • I love everything he does, but why does he always call us "readers"? Aren't we "viewers" instead? Or is he singling out one person who only reads in closed captioning? :P

  • Hench-4-Life

  • Buy Adam's Gauntlet poster here: Aluminum Black: Adam's King Arthur Amor Build:

  • i know what you mean about sharp edges on metal i sliced my hand open on some

  • 15k people actually know how to make a silicone mold

  • "By hand and hammer all arts do stand"

  • My dad worked in the lab of a chemical plant…he destroyed many shirts and pants by splattering drops of acid on them…..wear something with sleeves!

  • You should make a spacesuit armor, like if they discovered space travel in the medieval or Roman empire era's. It'd definitely be hypothetical science fiction, but It'd be cool none the less.

  • good luck slapping lunars on that thing 😂 they missed the whole point of weight balance in the ken.

  • I never thought I’d ever say this..but I am jealous of your hammer collection.

  • Clecos are initially made for spot welding to align body panels... that is why they are copper so that welds do not stick to them.. I am sure they have morphed to things such as riveting..

  • "the Holy Hammering" 🤣 That is going to be used on future occasions for sure!

  • Making gauntlets sounds a little daunting.

  • Would the old LYTRO files be compatible with this device?

  • One of my fave is "Invincible" by Stanisław Lem - hard-tech survival horror with questions about power of tech and evolution.

  • I'm just passing the time till mine arrives today

  • thought you were actually gonna play Doom

  • The besagew actually has 8 holes rather than 8 faux rivets. Also, are you going to finish the helmet? And yes, I went back and frame by framed the movie.. ;-)

  • Monty Python just blazed into my mind as Adam finishes up. Who else thought the same. Small world.

  • Absolutely stunning! Love the video format and the background stuff. That armour is fantastic though.

  • The difference between a Generalist and a Specialist is similar to an Engineer vs an Artist. Both create things, but the specialists take it that extra step to add that sense of near perfection of their craft to the point of it becoming art, while the Engineers can crank out lots of different things that all work great, but could often look a little nicer.

  • Lol of all the tools I’ve got, I love my hammers. Just so simple. None need updates, run out of battery or become obsolete. I’ve got everything from estwing framing to Wilton BASH, to a starrett toolmakers hammer. I love them all 🔨

  • It's Hammer Time! 🤣

  • Terry English quenched the aluminum after heating it for the annealing process

  • 'Keep all of your scraps', proceeds to thump away scrap pieces that he cut

  • As a college professor I try to shape students, but sadly I am not allowed to just beat on my charges to relieve stress like Adam can beat on that metal he is trying to shape.

  • 39:33 rotflmmfao love ya Adam!!!

  • Love this. I so enjoyed watching your visit with Terry English and to see another set of his armor is fascinating. Thanks, Adam. Thanks for the great editing, Gunther. It's appreciated.

  • You're Finger Lame.

  • Thanks Adam. You just increased the price of hammers on Ebay. No more inexpensive hammers. :( Just kidding. LOL

  • Vocabulary Unlocked: ✨Panoply✨

  • One might say hes a savage

  • did the wood keys expand yet? or is it still fine thats what keeps going in my head 😁

  • I think Adam would make a nice Garrick Ollivander.

  • he needs a codpiece

  • Hell's Bells and Mademoiselles

  • I just got my hot toys one to fit sideshow Jedi luke, now I need to make this!

  • Oooooo! I want to see Adam's take on the Count Adhemar armor from A Knights Tale! Or or or Prince Edward's with that cool fence thing for the face shield

  • It’s the hands that get me... great cosplay none the less

  • Last nigiht i had the random impulse to binge watch the terry english armor series, and today this comes out. Amazing

  • i always love the super mario style music the time lapses have

  • When you started rolling the edge I could hear my shop teacher yelling, "no no no use the tool you made for it!" If you cut a slot into the end of a 1/4 inch round bar it's perfect for getting rolled edges started

  • Adam must like making all his headphone viewers scream with pain from the metal banging.

  • Great guest. gj AST

  • One day build should be a one day build. I like seeing the process of working through the problems but please name these videos not one day builds.

  • the fact Adam doesn't know the difference between in-swing and out-swing door is sad. The fact the robot does is scary.